Terms & Conditions

Updated 30/10/2023

‘We’ means Pard Card.

‘Site’ and ‘Website’ means pardcard.com & pardcard.co.uk

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions by uploading the most up-to-date version to our website.

By purchasing a Pard Card from jamandmeme.com and using a Pard Card you accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Pard Card is only available to ‘Cornish Locals’.
  2. A criteria for a ‘Cornish Local’ is:
    1. Someone who permanently resides in Cornwall.
    2. Someone who’s delivery address is in Cornwall.
    3. Further to the two previous requirements; someone who has a payment card registered at a Cornish address which they reside at.
    4. Exceptions can be made to this criteria on a case by case basis at the discretion of Pard Card.
    5. Additional evidence of residency can be requested by Pard Card.
    6. If evidence is not given, a refund will be made in full.
  3. Being a Pard Card holder entitles you to a 12 month period of use starting from the date 12 months before the expiry date as shown on each Pard Card.
  4. To receive a discount or offer, a valid Pard Card must be presented at the point of sale or to an online retailer.
  5. A valid Pard Card is:
    1. In possession of the person named on the Pard Card.
    2. Only valid up to and including the expiry date shown on the Pard Card.
  6. The Pard Card cannot be used with any other offers or promotions except those shown on the website.
  7. Once the expiry date shown on the Pard Card has passed. A new Pard Card must be purchased.
  8. Participating retailers reserve the right to accept a Pard Card on a discretionary basis should they doubt its validity.
  9. Participating retailers reserve the right to request proof of identification at point of sale or online to ensure it matches that of which is shown on the Pard Card.
  10. Pard Card will update the website as frequently as possible. However, we or retailers are not liable for outdated discounts or misinformation that may appear online.
  11. Retailers sign up to offer discounts for a minimum of 12 months.
  12. We are not liable for the withdrawal of any participating retailers.
  13. Pard Card can occasionally send unique offers or discounts via email to Pard Card holders, these may be third party promotions.
  14. Pard Card or Jam & Meme are not be liable for damages that could occur through connection with Pard Card.
  15. Pard Card or Jam & Meme is not liable for the behaviour of Pard Card holders or retailers and any experiences that may occur.
  16. Lost or damaged Pard Cards are to be replaced by the Pard Card holder at their expense via the original purchase method.
  17. No refunds will be given for Pard Cards once they have been dispatched.

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